Cyrille Labesse

Forward Thinker
Technical Orchestrator

Great to meet you, I'm Cyrille and I build complex web applications.
If you are needing help on a project, let’s talk!

I am currently open for part-time work.

Crafting complex web applications using the best
industry standards and practices, from ideas
to revenue generating apps.

Personal Mentoring

Coming from years of experience mentoring hundreds of students:
whether junior or senior, I can not only
help you improve your skills as a developer
but also increase your productivity and confidence.

Project Kickstarter

Do you a dream project?
An idea you feel world needs?
Are you looking to create a startup?
I can help you make it a reality.

Custom Development

Looking for a developer veteran?
In need of a Rails expert on your existing codebase?
A refactoring? A new feature? Or simply better test coverage?
Let me know how I can help.

What are they saying?

« Outstanding individual. An amazing developer and an analytical thinker capable of working with ideas and bringing them to fruition. He was integral to the success of my products and my company. »

Andre Ruello · GigaTools

« A brilliant person, and has more than met all the expectations we had for his position. He showed a great sense of responsibility and loyalty and was able to fulfill all his objectives, even when he was working remotely for us. Not only did he master all the technical aspects of his work, but he was also successful in maintaining good customer relationship. Everyone at Pierlis was also appreciating him as a person. »

Pierre-Loïc Raynaud · Pierlis

« My cofounder and I were non-technical and needed someone to help us bring our vision to life. Cyrille came on during the earliest days of Blueboard and built the whole v1 of the platform by himself. It enabled us to bring on our first 15 customers, and ultimately, to secure admission into the 500 Global accelerator. We wouldn't be here without Cyrille - beyond working together on the business side, we had fun along the way. I couldn't ask for anything more and would gladly work with Cyrille again in the future. »

Taylor Smith · Blueboard

« Cyrille is a talented developer & teacher, his knowledge of Ruby, JavaScript and modern web development is unrivalled. He can adapt quickly to different scenarios, is always positive and forward thinking with solutions and ideas. »

Kevin Bett · Agile NDT

« Cyrille is a natural-born educator whose talent for teaching is unmistakable. During our collaboration at the launch of Le Wagon in Portugal, his abilities became evident. Cyrille is the kind of professional you trust implicitly; he consistently delivers with 100% commitment. Beyond his impressive technical knowledge, Cyrille possesses an emotional intelligence, a quality that sets him apart. His blend of technical skill and empathetic teaching and cool demeanour elevate the learning experience. Whether as a teacher, colleague, mentor, or partner, Cyrille is an invaluable asset. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any role that leverages his multifaceted talents. »

Shannon Graybill · LeWagon


AgileNDT · Senior Software Developer

London 🇬🇧

May '14 - Today

AgileNDT is a complete non-destructive testing reporting system. For many years I have been assisting in its development, runtime PDF generations, and creation of an offline mode for customers to submit reports in remote areas using JS ServiceWorker technology.

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LeWagon · Web Development Lead Teacher

Lisbon 🇵🇹 / Sydney 🇦🇺 / Tel Aviv 🇮🇱

Jun '16 - Today

LeWagon teaches creative people how to code. In 9 weeks, we go from teaching the basics of Ruby to enabling students to build an application, in a teams, and push their first product to the web. Powered by the desire of knowledge, and the desire to teach, both parties come together to create something remarkable. I am priviledged to be part of the teacher's team of LeWagon in many different bootcamps around the world

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Colochousing · Mentor & Advisor

Brussels 🇧🇪

Apr '18 - Today

Colochousing makes co-living the easiest living option. A project founded by one of my students from LeWagon, that gives access to hundreds of shared homes in the Brussels region. In this project, I was assisting with technological choices, recruiting, and intervening on codebase in emergencies.

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Metarina · Senior Web Developer

Berlin 🇩🇪 / Barcelona 🇪🇸

Mar '24 - Today

Metarina is reshaping the marina industry with a unique software-as-a-service that actively drives business growth. By automating boater engagement and satisfaction, Metarina empowers customer-centric marina teams with a predictive solution for occupancy planning, booking, billing and analytics. This is the foundation for not only providing boaters with a marina experience that allows for safe and reliable planning as they sail from marina to marina, but for streamlining marina operations and increasing revenue streams.

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Lynceus Partners · Senior Software Developer

Geneva 🇨🇭

Jul '18 - Oct '19

Lynceus has built Argo, a platform for investors to pilot and manage their investment products, all over the world. I participated in the maintenance, clearing out of the technical debt and securing of the Argo platform.

RoR HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery PostgreSQL API XML PDF JSON Git More details

CareerFoundry · Web Development Mentor

Berlin 🇩🇪

Jun '14 - Jun '16

CareerFoundry enables students to learn Web Development from scratch. I had the pleasure of assisting many different students in the growth of their career, developing not only their technical skills and understanding of Web Development, but also their self-confidence.

RoR HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript PostgreSQL More details

GigaTools Pro · Main Developer

Berlin 🇩🇪

Dec '12 - Dec '15

GigaTools Pro was a versatile, fully customizable record label manager. During the three years working on GigaTools Pro, I developed a complete system for record label managers and artist agents to manage their artists' gigs, gig riders, shows, invoices etc… This project was able to fully integrate into the customers' workflow through calendar feeds, email sending and more. ElasticSearch was used in order to scan through indexed PDFs and other text documents

RoR HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery PostgreSQL ElasticSearch API XML JSON PDF ICS Git More details

Blueboard · Head of Engineering

San Francisco 🇺🇸

Jan '13 - Jan '15

Blueboard helps you show your employees how much they matter. I built the initial version of the employee rewarding platform that is Blueboard.

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Spongecell · Software Developer

San Francisco 🇺🇸

Apr '12 - Nov '12

Spongecell helps brands connect with customers wherever they may be. In this project, I was dealing with huge amounts of data on their dynamic creative platform

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Paatle · Lead Developer

Vancouver 🇨🇦 - Zürich 🇨🇭

Mar '11 - Feb '12

Paatle was a platform for connecting supply of demand of properties, selling or renting. I Led a team of 3 developers/designers to design, implement, launch and maintain the social platform from the ground up. Redis was used for caching stories, in order to construct each user's complex live feed. A big part of the backend challenges were to integrate multiple third-party XML feeds into the system, to have up-to-date property listings. This required to create many adapters from the ground up.

RoR HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Redis MySQL Sphinx API XML JSON Git More details

E-xact Payments · Software Developer

Vancouver 🇨🇦

Jan '09 - Mar '11

E-xact Payments is a payment gateway used by many businesses, and the Canadian government. In this project, I was integrating many adapters with different payment systems like PayPal.

RoR HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Payments API XML JSON SVN Jira More details

Hosted Checkout Mobile · Application Developer

Vancouver 🇨🇦

May '10 - Mar '11

Hosted Checkout Mobile is a native iOS application that can process payments through the E-xact Payments gateway.

iOS Objective-C XML API RoR Git More details

Spidart · Lead Developer

Lyon 🇫🇷

Apr '08 - Jul '09

Spidart was the first crowdfunding music label in Europe, and in this project I led the modelling, conception and development of a team of 2-3 developers/designers to launch and maintain the social platform from the ground up. A big focus was put on the optimization of the Rails code and SQL queries, as there were over 200k clicks per day. The system consisted of a full ledger, containing all transactions for users, and needed to be spotless, as accounting was based of of it's integrity

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